Complaint Management System in PHP

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410 Responses

  1. hemant kumar says:

    hlo sir plzzz send me link

  2. haris khalid says:

    not downlaod ?

  3. Cracj Jackendra says:

    When i sign in , nothing happens only blank pages shows, kindly help

  4. Zeeshan Tariq says:

    if I use the database of wamp servers its working but users tanle and tblcomplain table cant be created due to multile time use of timestamp in users colums

  5. Zeeshan Tariq says:

    Hello sir, I’m using mysql workbech and wamp server project is finally run but add state, add category, and but category cant be add when execute the command, but i hava a message state add successfully, etc .

  6. pesoo says:

    your sql file is missing the tblcomplaints , which causes the complimant part to give this error
    Warning: mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in C:xampphtdocscmsadminnotprocess-complaint.php on line 74
    (this sql query gives an error i mean )
    select tblcomplaints.*,users.fullName as name from tblcomplaints join users on where tblcomplaints.status is null

  7. biki says:

    Kindly send the tblcomplaints. Unable to user Login. Dashboard.php nor working. Admin is working fine.

  8. elinipendo says:

    User’s informations can not be inserted into database why?

  9. elinipendo says:

    User cant register in registration form.. No data is inserted into users Table whats the problem?

  10. lucky says:

    can u send me a complaint management system in java

  11. Jwright says:

    Whats the purpose of ‘State’ ?

  12. kishan says:

    can’t login to admin says invalid user please help me

  13. kishan says:

    can’t login to admin says invalid user

  14. Hema says:

    In admin module I’m getting error in take action of complaint and view user details. And also main page is not working.
    please help me sir, it’s urgent

  15. Arjun says:

    I want to ask, how to add the delete user feature in the list of all users.

  16. tonny says:

    tblcomplaints is missing in sql

  17. nagesh says:

    how can i get the report of this project

  18. nagesh says:

    how to get the report of this project.

  19. Sharan says:

    Can u pls send the source code as the link is not visible on the website

  20. arman delta says:

    I re-discovered the error. when I login as a user and then I press “logout” ternjadi error as below.
    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_query() in C:xampphtdocscmsuserslogout.php:7 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in C:xampphtdocscmsuserslogout.php on line 7
    But when I open in Mac error it does not exist and everything runs smoothly. Is some code just support for mac or how?
    or should I update my XAMPP. Thanks

  21. arman delta says:

    The application is already running, Thanks very much already willing to help with pleasure

  22. arman delta says:

    let me know if you’ve fixed it. thank you

  23. arman delta says:

    let me know if you’ve fixed it. thank you

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