Hospital Management System In PHP

Project Name : Hospital Management System (Free Download)

Technology Implemented : Apache Server

Language Used                   :  PHP 5.62 (Developed in Core PHP)

Database                              :  My SQL

User Interface Design       :  HTML, AJAX,JQUERY,JAVASCRIPT

Web Browser                      :  Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE8,OPERA

Software                               :    XAMPP Server

Demo video——————————-

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Hospital Management System Project Divided into three modules

  • Admin(super user)
  • Patients(Book and manage own  appointments )
  • Doctors

Installation Steps(Configuration)

1. Download and Unzip file on your local system.
2. Put this file inside root directory
3. Database Configuration

Open phpmyadmin

Create Database hms.
Import database hms.sql
Open Your browser put inside browser “localhost/hospital/”
Login Details
To Login as admin put inside browser “localhost/hospital”
Login Details for admin : admin/Test@12345
Login Details for Patient:
Login Details for Doctor:

Disclaimer : This project is not for Commercial use.

Download Source Code(Hospital Management System)
Size: 14.9MB
Version: V 2.0

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