PHP Projects Free Downloads

PHP Projects Free Downloads


Core PHP Projects

  1. User Registration & Login and User Management System With admin panel
  2. Job Portal Project
  3. Hostel Management System
  4. Student Record System
  5. Small CRM
  6. Hospital Management System
  7. Shopping Portal Advance Version
  8. Complaint Management system
  9. Online Course Registration
  10. Tourism Management System
  11. Car Rental Project in PHP and Mysql
  12. Blood Bank & Donor Management System
  13. Online library Management System
  14. Student Result Management System
  15. Employee Leaves Management System (ELMS)
  16. News Portal Project in PHP and MySql
  17. Contact form with mail function and Storing data in the database – Mini Project
  18. Employee Record Management System in PHP and MySQL
  19. Directory Management System using PHP and MySQL

CodeIgniter Projects

  1. User Management System in CodeIgniter

Paid Projects

  1. Insurance Management System in PHP and MySQL
  2. College Admission Management System in PHP and MySQL
  3. Laundry Management System Using PHP and MySQL
  4. Vehicle Service Management System Using PHP and MySQL
  5. Courier Management System Using PHP and MySQL

PHP (Pre-Processor Hypertext) is a server-side scripting language, which is considered best for developing the dynamic web pages. At PHPGurukul students can easily download the  FREE PHP projects on varied topics according to their requirement. These list of projects in PHP with source code aims to enhance the user’s skills with the dynamic and attractive web application. These PHP projects are well designed for the users to understand the PHP concept during the execution of any web development. And it could also be helpful for students or beginners to gain the primary ideas before starting any project. PHP programming is a crucial part of Web development mechanism, so make it simpler and easier with PHP free project download at PHP Gurukul.

With time we would introduce  PHP Projects Ideas & new projects related to PHP that you can easily download them.



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