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Student Result Management system

Project Name : Student Result  Management System
Language Used                   :  PHP
Database                              :  My SQL
User Interface Design       :  HTML, AJAX,JQUERY,JAVASCRIPT
Web Browser                      :  Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE8,OPERA
Software                               :    XAMPP Server
Project Demo ————————
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Student Result Management System divided in two modules–

  • Student
  • Admin

Admin Features

  • Admin Dashboard
  • Admin can add/update/ Class
  • Admin can add/update/ Subjects
  • Admin can add/update/ Active/Inactive Subject combination with class
  • Admin can register new student and also edit info of the student
  • admin can declare/ edit  result of a student.
  • Admin can change own password

Admin Dashboard

Student Result Search

Student Result


  • Student can search their result using valid rollid.

How to run this Project
1. Download and Unzip file on your local system copy srms folder.
2. Put srms folder inside root directory
Database Configuration
Open phpmyadmin
Create Database srms
Import database srms .sql (available inside zip package)
For User
Open Your browser put inside browser “http://localhost/srms”
Details of student  —
Student name– Anuj Kumar
Roll id–10861
Student Class: Fourth(C)
For Admin Panel
Open Your browser put inside browser “http://localhost/srms”
Login Details for admin :
Username : admin
Password  : Test@123

Download full source code(Student Result Management system)
Size: 9.7MB
Version: V 2.0

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Purchase Project  Report in Rs 199/ $3.0

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Anuj kumar

This is Anuj Kumar. I’m a professional web developer with 5+ years of experience. I write blogs in my free time. I love to learn new technologies and share with others. I founded PHPGurukul in September 2015. The main aim of this website to provide PHP, Jquery, MySQL, PHP Oops and other web development tutorials. .


  1. Could you please update the result.php ..please add pass or fail option.if she/he gain pass marks it shows Pass else Fail
    please sir add this option .

  2. Can I upload this on the online website?
    I upload it to my online website every this is working fine. All Creating systems are working but managing systems are not working can I fix it, sir.

      1. Thanks for the reply sir. we can include trigger and stored procedure in my end right by writing some lines of code (in phpmyadmin)?

    if is possible program can i use to convert?

  4. i want to prepare student system which enable teacher to upload his/her subject score by using csv file according to subject code registered and student registration number and year of study automatic in the database. sir can you help me that sample of code and sql?

  5. Hello,
    I am using PHP 7 and I have also imported latest version of DomPdf. But the downloaded file doesnt show me the marks value.
    Can you please help me out on this?

      1. I found the marks and subjectname value was not getting fetched in the code, but the code at the top was working fine so I made some changes to the $qery variable and wrote a new single query instead of two different queries as in your code but still facing the same issue.
        I have executed the same query in MySQL and it gives me the required output.
        I am using the following SQL Query:
        $qery=”select t.StudentName,t.RollId,t.ClassId,t.marks,t.SubjectName,t.ClassName,t.Section from (select ts.StudentName,ts.RollId,ts.ClassId,tc.ClassName,tc.Section,tr.marks,tr.SubjectId,ts.StudentId,tls.SubjectName from tblstudents as ts, tblresult as tr,tblclasses as tc, tblsubjects as tls where tr.StudentId=ts.StudentId and and as t where t.RollId=? and t.ClassId=?”;
        $stmt21 = $mysqli->prepare($qery);

      2. Hello Sir,
        Did you found the solution for the error that I am facing?
        I need it urgently because I have to Submit it in next 2 days.
        Please help me out with it.

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