Data Insertion in CodeIgniter

In this tutorial we will learn about how to insert data into database in codeIgniter.

1.Create a database then configure your db credential in application/database.php

2. load some libraries and helpers in application/autoload.php

  • Database library used for database related queries
  • Session library  used for display success / error message using flashdata.
  • Html Helper for used for link_tag
  • form helper used for form

First create a  view(registration.php) inside application/view folder

Now create a controller (Registration.php) inside application/controller. You can also set your default controller in application/routes.php

Create a model (Registration_Model.php) inside application/model.

SQL Table structure for tblusers

View Demo———————————————–

View Demo

How to run this script

  1. Download the zip file .
  2. Extract the zip and copy registrationci folder
  3. Paste in root directory(For xampp htdocs and for wamp www)
  4. Open your browser put http://localhost/phpmyadmin
  5. Create a database cidb
  6. Import sql file tblusers.sql
  7. Run your script http://localhost/registrationci

Data Insertion in CodeIgniter (Download full source code)
Size: 2.76 MB
Version: v 1

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