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PHP Project Using PDO Extension

PHPGurukul also offers PHP PDO tutorials to help you get started with PHP Data Objects in your web development. Once you start using PHP PDO in your PHP projects, you would never look back to the other options. Our tutorial covers introduction, insertion, updating, fetching, deletion using PDO, Signup, login, password hashing, and CRUD operation.

For those who are not aware of PDO, it is an extension for PHP that basically defines a consistent and lightweight interface to access PHP databases. The extension offers an abstraction layer with data access. You will use the same functions to run the queries and fetch data no matter what database you use.

PHP PDO helps to define a consistent API that enables you to work or interact with different database systems. There are many advantages of PHP data objects as below:

  1. PHP PDO supports 12 different drivers, which turns out to be the major advantage of PDO over MySQLi as MySQLi supports only MySQL.
  2. By using prepared statements in PHP PDO, you can protect your website from SQL injection.
  3. PDO allows you to work with multiple databases with safety and also offers quick access.
  4. All the work with PDO is done using a separate layer using API, which handles all processing and complexity.
  5. PDO offers high performance and easy connection, and you can also write stored procedures using PDO.

Our PHP PDO project list contains a few PHP projects using PDO extension that would help you to learn how a PHP PDO project is created and how it actually works. The projects include Tourism management, Car Rental project, Blood Bank & Donor Management, Online library management, Student Result management, and Employee Leave management system.

When you use PHP data objects in your web development project, the flexibility in your PHP PDO project is increased as it allows you to use multiple databases. The tutorial is very beneficial when you are interested in creating quick, flexible, and safe PHP websites

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