Student Result Management system

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Project Name : Student Result  Management System

Language Used                   :  PHP

Database                              :  My SQL

User Interface Design       :  HTML, AJAX,JQUERY,JAVASCRIPT

Web Browser                      :  Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE8,OPERA

Software                               :    XAMPP Server

Project Demo —-click here

Student Result Management System divided in two modules–

  • Student
  • Admin

Admin Features

  • Admin Dashboard
  • Admin can add/update/ Class
  • Admin can add/update/ Subjects
  • Admin can add/update/ Active/Inactive Subject combination with class
  • Admin can register new student and also edit info of the student
  • admin can declare/ edit  result of a student.
  • Admin can change own password

Admin Dashboard

Student Result Search

Student Result


  • Student can search their result using valid rollid.
  •  Student can download the result in the PDF format.

How to run this Project

1. Download and Unzip file on your local system copy srms folder.
2. Put srms folder inside root directory

Database Configuration

Open phpmyadmin
Create Database srms
Import database srms .sql (available inside zip package)

For User
Open Your browser put inside browser “http://localhost/srms”
Details of student  —

Student name– Anuj Kumar

Roll id–10861

For Admin Panel
Open Your browser put inside browser “http://localhost/srms”
Login Details for admin : admin/Test@123

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  • Çhàñdàñ Ràñà

    Sir , its showing error during uploading the sql file .sir please help me

    • First create db arms then import SQL file

      • Çhàñdàñ Ràñà

        Thank uh ! That was my mistake . Sir , the result section is not working . i tried to add the result for new student but the subjects option is not coming from where we should add the marks please fix it as soon as possible . And please send the modified project to my email
        please try to modify by this sunday only sir

        • Çhàñdàñ Ràñà

          please work on it ……

  • Tauqeer Ahmed

    Hi sir.. Im eagerly waiting for the report please provide as soon as possible

    • Çhàñdàñ Ràñà

      Hye bro ! Have you successfully run this project ? If yes then please send me the code because i got error while uploading the database . Help me please .

  • Avinaash Rv

    yes i upload all files u given

  • Avinaash Rv

    sir i cant download result into pdf in the godady server it works in xampp server but in the godaddy after click on download the whole page goes white blank and nothng happen pls help me i need it vry urgently thnx in advnce

  • Ankush Garg

    hello sir,
    download result is not working ?
    please check..

    • Tauqeer Ahmed

      Got a same error

      • what error your are getting . can you share screenshot

  • Ravikant Vishwakarma

    invalid details while login as admin?

  • bashir

    my DB has only one table ones i import sql file only admin table i see and login would’t login the page which step should i gonna take

  • Tauqeer Ahmed

    I have downloaded the project and i should submit the project report.. Please provide the report for this project as soon as possible

    • right now not available

      • Tauqeer Ahmed

        Can u prepare a report for this project

        • prepare soon

          • Tauqeer Ahmed

            Can u prepare within 2-3 days sir

          • I will try. But it will be Paid

          • Tauqeer Ahmed

            Ya its ok…but i need to submit it on 18/11/2017..

  • Tauqeer Ahmed

    Report for this project ?

  • kisorjan kisor

    is this developed in wordpress ? how to import this system into wordpress

  • kisorjan kisor

    is this system developed in wordpress?

  • Ano
  • Ano
  • Macdonald Chigubhu

    please send me Student Result Management System. I need to learn how to implement a search.

  • Sineth Abeywardena

    Sir, can we display the rank? If can, please tell me how

  • Kayode Fowora

    I love your work. Everything is working fine as described. I will be looking forward for update/upgrade i.e. by introducing 1st term, 2nd term & 3rd term(that’s a complete session) Thanks a lot.

  • Kamaluddeen Adamu

    Hello bro, thank you for the system, please how do it increase the number of the roll ID ? i.e the space only allow 5 inputs and i want to have like 10 with combination of characters / and letters. thank you 🙂

    • Increase the maxlength in roll id input

      • Kamaluddeen Adamu

        Sory, how ?. im new to databases. thank you

      • Kamaluddeen Adamu

        fixed, thanks

        • Kamaluddeen Adamu

          i have another issue bro, after i increase the length the dashboard is no longer working, all the links (add student, add subject etc) are all not working, when clicked they took me back to the home page (login page). try it and see thanks

          • Have you change the session

          • Kamaluddeen Adamu

            No i didn’t, i’ve only increase the Maxlength as you said, from 5 to 11.

          • Can share your on my email

  • Hatherin Badru

    my db has only one table

    • Create a db srms then import sql file

  • Harry Jain

    same problem aa rhi h

    • Now its working fine. Have you download the latest code

      • Harry Jain

        yes sir its working.I need ur help..I need two more pages…one is analysis and one is that how many students are studying in particular class and their detail

        • Harry Jain

          result analysis stats

          • ok. I will update the code soon.

          • Harry Jain

            actually sir i have to give this project in college by tomorrow

          • I will try to complete till sunday.

          • Harry Jain

            sir do u have project report or e-r diagram

          • Right now not available

          • Harry Jain

            sir please er diagram dedo abhi urgent h and aapka no dedo

          • Harry Jain


          • Harry Jain

            sir please er diagram bna do

          • sorry for er diagram

          • Harry Jain

            sir code update kra kya analysis and stats vala

  • Harry Jain

    sir login session is not working properly…when i logged in and press backward it send me to front end and at frond end i press forward it send me to dashboard

    • Code updated Download the updated code.

  • Avinaash Rv

    result subject students and all want to export or reimport again

  • Avinaash Rv

    sir add import export option

  • Avinaash Rv

    sir in the xampp server download function perfectly work but on the hosting cpanel it shows 500 error

    • You have to make changes in config file

  • Avinaash Rv

    i downloaded the anydesk software

  • Avinaash Rv

    ohk and sir add student error i jutz fixed but thnku…..still i found another error on downloading result after clck on the download link the whole page goes white blnk and nothng happen after on it…… and sir when u add the bulk action option pls let me know thnkx in advnce

    • Download function also working fine. If u have anydesk software I will fix your problem through remote

    • Change the database configuration in config files

  • Avinaash Rv

    nd if u able to add bulk action soo pls let me knw

  • Avinaash Rv

    sir cant able to add student error(Oh snap! Something went wrong. Please try again)