Car Rental Project in PHP and Mysql


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Project Name Car Rental Portal
Language Used PHP5.6, PHP7.x
Database MySQL 5.x
Web Browser Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE8, OPERA
Software XAMPP / Wamp / Mamp/ Lamp (anyone)
Last Updated 30 June 2021

Car Rental Portal Developed using PHP and MySQL.  This project has three modules:

  1. Users
  2. Admin
  3. Guest

Project Demo ————————-

View Demo Installation Guide

Guest Users 
Guest user can view the website and check out the information about rental cars.
Guest users can also inquiry through contact us page.
Register Users
Anyone can register through the registration page.
After a successful registration user can log in with valid email and password. User can recover own password by providing some registered info.
After successful login user can do the following things–

  • Car Booking
  • View Car booking history
  • Update His/Her profile
  • Update his/her password
  • Post Testimonials
  • View Testimonials
  • Logout

Admin is the superuser of the website who can manage everything on the website. Admin can log in through the login page
Admin Features–

  • Admin can create vehicle brands
  • Manage Vehicle Brands(Edit, Delete)
  • Post Vehicle
  • Manage vehicle(Edit,Delete)
  • Manage Booking(Admin can confirm and Cancel Booking)
  • Manage Testimonials (Active and Inactive)
  • Manage to Contact us Query
  • Admin Can the details of registered users
  • admin can also update the page content
  • Admin can update the contact us details
  • Manage Subscribers
  • Admin Dashboard(Admin can view the count of reg users, total booking, total subscribers, total queries, etc)
  • Change Password(admin can change own password)
  • logout

How to run Project
1. Download and Unzip the file on your local system copy carrental.
2. Put carrental folder inside the root directory
Database Configuration
Open PHPMyAdmin
Create Database carrental
Import database carrental.sql (available inside the zip package)
For User
Open Your browser put inside browser “http://localhost/carrental”
Login Details for user:
Password: Test@123
For Admin Panel
Open Your browser put inside browser “http://localhost/carrental/admin”
Login Details for admin :
Username: admin
Password: Test@12345

Download full source code(Car Rental Project in PHP and Mysql)
Size: 16.0 MB
Version: V 2.3

Project Report

Purchase Car Rental Project Report in Rs 249 / $3.8

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  1. Abu Garba says

    The admin dashboard is giving me this error

    Error:SQLSTATE[HY000] [2054] The server requested authentication method unknown to the client.
    How do I correct it?

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      create a database carrental, then import SQL file available inside the SQL file folder.

  2. honey says

    sir i am changing my background in css but it does not show any changes it is showing same picture again again i want to how ask how to change the banner picture

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      Clear your cache then try.

  3. singh says

    hello first of all thanks for these projects.i am facing one problem in carrental mysql workbench there is no eer diagram.I really need eer diagram

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      You have to create the relationship b/w the tables then it will create.

  4. Hafeel says

    Hii Sir, I want to remove $ symbol and Add Rupee symbol… I did it in the index form but not able to do it in Vehicle details and car listing… How to change Please help!!!

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      The currency symbol is a static symbol in every page. You can find the $ sign replace with your currency sign.

    2. Dhasa says

      What’s the procedure to buy the project sir

  5. Ali Mehboob says

    Hi Sir I Really Like This Project But When I Run It The Website Is Not Showing Up Only The Header Part With Just Logo Showing the Problem is In Index.php if You Can Please Give Me The Solution I Will Be Grateful

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      Have you import the database?

  6. Pathan umar says

    sir can Iuse this project as a final year project for deploma

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      Yes, you can use.

      1. Pathan Umar says

        Thank you sir for your appriciation this project is very helpful for my final year
        Once again thank you so much .

  7. Hari says

    hii, this project is really great!!

  8. Vaibhav k says

    http://localhost/carrental is not displaying full site except the header! how can i rectify this?

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      This issue is fixed now.

  9. akash says

    Error: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1049] Unknown database ‘carrental’. Sir i am getting this error please help me.

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      Looks like a database connection error. Check your database connection file.

  10. PawelS says

    HI Anuj!

    In my ZIPfile one php script is missing: manage-bookings.php

    Cen You send me this missing part?


    1. Anuj Kumar says

      I am checking the issue

  11. Kiru says

    @Anuj kumar sir i just need to remove that colour switcher to customize my college project , that setting icon which changes the color of font or text,so can u guide to remove that feature??????

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      Comment the code inside theinludes/colorswitcher.php

      1. Kiran says

        Thanks for you information sir, i got my answer

      2. Kiru says

        Booking number is not generating?
        Any queries for this

  12. Parth Ranalkar says

    Error: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2054] The server requested authentication method unknown to the client
    This error is occoured

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      Looks like a database connection issue. Check your database connection.

      1. Kiru says

        @anuj kumar sir how to change that usd into inr in every page of the web site, it will be very very helpfull for my college project please respond to this!!!!!!!!!

        1. Anuj Kumar says

          You can change directly in the PHP code. It is a hardcoded value.

          1. Kiru says

            In admin dashboard total booking is not working, its showing object not found!

  13. Musa says

    @Anuj Kumar awesome project indeed, but please help, New password and confirm password field do not match…not sure what’s the problem on the user registration part. Please help.

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      Share your error

      1. Musa says

        Alright thanks, will share on this email address

  14. Yash says

    How many modules are there in this car rental project?

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      Two modules

  15. Hassan Khan says

    hello sir
    the booking number is not generating how to fix it
    plwase help me sir

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      Share your error at

  16. Pamma says

    excellent Job

  17. Sandeep says

    Sir can i use it for personal use .
    Actually i have two car and provide rent service.

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      Yes, You can.

      1. sandip says

        Thank you sir….

  18. Ankit says

    Respected SIr,
    Sir search option is not working it only works for certain car.

  19. mario says

    Thanks man you’re the boss , great stuff

  20. Meenakchi says

    sir i need optical shop management system project in PHP platform..can you please help me sir?

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      Not available.

  21. shoaib says

    sir i want this book but my payment method is bitcoin /

  22. rashmi says

    Is stored procedure included in this project(back end)?

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