Car Rental Project in PHP and Mysql

Anuj Kumar

This is Anuj Kumar. I’m a professional web developer with 5+ years of experience. I write blogs in my free time. I love to learn new technologies and share with others. I founded PHPGurukul in September 2015. The main aim of this website to provide PHP, Jquery, MySQL, PHP Oops, and other web development tutorials.

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802 Responses

  1. Yash says:

    How many modules are there in this car rental project?

  2. Hassan Khan says:

    hello sir
    the booking number is not generating how to fix it
    plwase help me sir

  3. Pamma says:

    excellent Job

  4. Sandeep says:

    Sir can i use it for personal use .
    Actually i have two car and provide rent service.

  5. Ankit says:

    Respected SIr,
    Sir search option is not working it only works for certain car.

  6. mario says:

    Thanks man you’re the boss , great stuff

  7. Meenakchi says:

    sir i need optical shop management system project in PHP platform..can you please help me sir?

  8. shoaib says:

    sir i want this book but my payment method is bitcoin /

  9. rashmi says:

    Is stored procedure included in this project(back end)?

  10. Pavan shetty says:

    @anuj kumar
    Sir can you plz tell me a password of admin login.
    I was already use password Test@12345 it shows invalid password

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