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Online Library Management System

Project Name : Online library Management System
Language Used                  :  PHP
Database                            :  My SQL
User Interface Design       :  HTML, AJAX,JQUERY,JAVASCRIPT
Web Browser                      :  Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE8,OPERA
Software                              :    XAMPP Server

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Online library Management System divided in two modules–

  • Student
  • Admin

Admin Features

  • Admin Dashboard
  • Admin can add/update/ delete category
  • Admin can add/update/ delete author
  • Admin can add/update/ delete books
  • Admin can issue a new book to student and also update the details when student return book
  • Admin can search student by using their student ID
  • Admin can also view student details
  • Admin can change own password


  • Student can register yourself and after registration they will get studentid
  • After login student can view own dashboard.
  •  Student can update own profile.
  • Student can view issued book and book return date-time.
  • Student can also change own password.
  • Student can also recover own password.

How to run this Project
1. Download and Unzip file on your local system copy library.
2. Put library folder inside root directory
Database Configuration
Open phpmyadmin
Create Database library
Import database library.sql (available inside zip package)
For User
Open Your browser put inside browser “http://localhost/library”
Login Details for user :
Username :
Password : Test@123
For Admin Panel
Open Your browser put inside browser “http://localhost/library/admin”
Login Details for admin :
Username : admin
Password : Test@123

Download full source code(Online Library Management System)
Size: 2.04 MB
Version: V 2

Purchase Report

Purchase Project  Report in Rs 249/ $3.8

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  1. Hi thank you so much for this program sir, i would just like to know if there are any way for us to customize the website? I’m really sorry for this basic question but me and my groupmates are having a hard time figuring it out. thank you so much again. I hope for your fast reply.

  2. Please..i run this last its not working well..i can’t log in the admin..always receive invalid details..pls help

      1. It is working perfectly now..i fixed it yesterday..
        Thanks very muc..
        Sir please i want to change the color of the purple line that is attached to the header and footer

  3. Hello sir
    i would like to ask you about this project… Before all Thanks for it.
    the question is all about the forlder assets/js/images the files inside images are for this project?

        1. For Admin Panel
          Open Your browser put inside browser “http://localhost/library/admin”
          Login Details for admin :
          Username : admin
          Password : Test@123

  4. Error
    SQL query:

    — Database: `library`

    — ——————————————————–

    — Table structure for table `admin`

    CREATE TABLE `admin` (
    `id` int(11) NOT NULL,
    `FullName` varchar(100) DEFAULT NULL,
    `AdminEmail` varchar(120) DEFAULT NULL,
    `UserName` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
    `Password` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
    `updationDate` timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘0000-00-00 00:00:00’ ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP
    MySQL said: Documentation
    #1046 – No database selected

  5. Hi admin, your work is so helpful and cool I hope I can learn so much from you.. anyway the credentials for the admin is not working.

  6. hi admin,
    if the code is IssuesDate);?> i wanted result issuesdate to malaysian format. it is
    Are the code added is right, because i added no changes for time

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