How to maintain the password history using php and mysql


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In this tutorial I will explain how to maintain password history using php and mysql. This means a user who must change their password can’t reuse the password they just had. This tutorial explains how user new Password should not be same as any of the prevoius 3 Passwords.

This tutorial include three pages

  • Index.php
  • Change-password.php
  • Config.php

And includes two tables

  • tblregistration
  • tblpasswordhistory

Structure of table tblregistration

Structure of table tblpasswordhistory

index.php page include registration and login form
Code for Registration-

Code for login

Code for change password

Details for Demo—–
Login Details
Email —
Password– Test@12345
Last two password—  Test@123 and Test@1234

Download Source Code(How to maintain the password history using php and mysql)
Size: 15 KB
Version: V 1.0

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