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It is a process of formatting text for a better look and feel of the text. a lot more semantic elements to cover in this area, and we'll look at a lot more in our Advanced text formatting ,HTML Text Format are many ways to format tags using different tags such as: <b> -Bold text: It

HTML Images

HTML has tag to display images on the web pages or web applications. This tag is an empty tag i.e. we don't have

HTML Links

It consists of anchor element which is used to create a link between a source anchor and destination anchor.The

HTML Frames

Frames in HTML is used to divide the browser into different sections where each section can load different Html

HTML Lists

A webpage is sorted and indexed as one of the best ways to present information. Two kinds of lists can be be made

HTML Forms

HTML forms are special kind of HTMLpage that can be used to pass data to a server. Once the server gets…