PHP Tutorials

Core PHP Tutorials
  1. PHP Intro
  2. Adding Comments to PHP Code
  3. PHP Variables
  4. PHP Echo / Print
  5. PHP – Data Types
  6. Strings in PHP
  7. String functions
  8. PHP Constants
  9. PHP Operators
  10. Conditional Statement
  11. Looping Statement In PHP
  12. Functions In PHP
  13. Array in PHP
  14. Useful functions for arrays in PHP
  15. Sorting Arrays in PHP
  16. Session In PHP
  17. Cookies in PHP
  18. Implode() and Explode() Function in PHP
  19. Types of Errors in PHP
  20. PHP – PEAR
  21. PHP – PECL
  22. PHP Date and Time
  23. PHP include() and require() Function
  24. PHP include_once() and require_once() Function
  25. PHP File System
  26. PHP File/Image Upload
  27. PHP Send Mail
  28. PHP Regular Expressions
  29. PHP Filters
  30. GET and POST Methods
  31. Useful Numeric Functions in PHP
PHP with Mysqli
  1. How to Connect PHP with MySQL Database
  2. How to insert data into MySql using PHP
  3. How to fetch data from MySQL using PHP
  4. CRUD operation using PHP and MySQLi
  5. User Signup and Sign in using HTML and PHP
  6. How to change Password in PHP
  7. User login and login tracking using PHP
  8. How to check Email and username availability live using jquery/ajax
  9. jQuery Dependent DropDown List – States and Districts
  10. How to Send Mail Using PHP
  11. PHP Email Verification Script
  12. How to fetch data in excel or generate excel file in PHP
  13. How to prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) in PHP
  14. User registration with server-side validation using PHP
  15. How to create a Shopping Cart in PHP
  16. How to delete multiple records in PHP
  17. PHP login with remember me function
  18. How to create pagination in PHP
  19. How to Create pagination using PHP and MySQLi(with the page number)
  20. How to Dynamically Add / Remove input fields in PHP with Jquery Ajax
  21. How to send email from localhost using PHP
  22. How to use multiple insert queries in PHP
  23. CRUD operation with Image Using PHP and MySQLi
  24. User Registration With Email OTP Verification Using PHP
  25. jQuery Dependent Drop Down List–Country, States, and City in PHP
  26. How to get data from the database between two dates in PHP & MySQL
  27. How to Search Employee data from Database using PHP
  28. How to get Sales reports from the database using PHP
PHP Prepared Statements
Stored Procedure In PHP
Other PHP Tutorials

PHPGurukul is all that you need when it comes to PHP Tutorials. Starting from the basics, it covers all the concepts in a very systematic approach, so your flow becomes very smooth and easy while learning web development.

When you start any programming language, you need to know what it is all about or, in a simple way, the introduction of anything you want to learn… and that’s how our tutorials start. With PHP Intro, you get an abstract of the scripting language. You should know the history before starting any tutorials like PHP was introduced in 1994 and what are the basic tags used in PHP or simple examples of how it is embedded with HTML.

The tutorials are so interactive that once you start, you will start enjoying every section of it. PHP Tutorials for Fresher covers all the basics like PHP Echo/Print statement, adding comments, knowing tags, strings, constants, operators, loops, conditional statements, arrays, etc. As a fresher to PHP, you will not find it difficult to learn and grasp.

PHP Basic Concept is well explained on our website through the required examples and tables. Tables and forms are an easy and interactive way of learning PHP. Graphical points are easier to capture by your mind after all. PHP Tutorials for beginners are all covered on the website… so even if you don’t have prior knowledge of PHP, you can get well trained on it.

While learning PHP, you should also understand the PHP oops concept, which will help build complex and reusable web applications like creating classes and objects. In PHP, OOPS, you can create a class and then make multiple objects linked to a class and use it, also called Instance. All these concepts will be cleared from our tutorials.

Lastly, our tutorials also guide you to connect PHP with MySQL Database. You also get tutorials on fetching the data and inserting data in MySQL using PHP, which will complete your PHP training.