PHP Tutorials

  1. PHP Intro
  2. Adding Comments to PHP Code
  3. PHP Variables
  4. PHP Echo / Print
  5. PHP – Data Types
  6. Strings in PHP
  7. String functions
  8. PHP Constants
  9. PHP Operators
  10. Conditional Statement
  11. Looping Statement In PHP
  12. Functions In PHP
  13. Array in PHP
  14. Useful functions for arrays in PHP
  15. Sorting Arrays in PHP
  16. Session In PHP
  17. Cookies in PHP
  18. Implode() and Explode() Function in PHP
  19. Types of Errors in PHP
  20. PHP – PEAR
  21. PHP – PECL

PHP with Mysqli

  1. How to Connect php with mysql Database
  2. How to insert data into MySql using PHP
  3. How to fetch data from mysql using PHP

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