How to Create pagination using PHP and MySQLi


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In this tutorial, we learn How to create pagination using PHP and MySQLi

File structure for this tutorial :

  • config.php (Database configuration file)
  • index.php (Main file)
  • pagination.sql (SQL Table structure with dummy data)

First, create a table pagination. Structure of pagination:


Insert some dummy data into this table.
We will use the  LIMIT clause for generating pagination.LIMIT clause uses two arguments one is OFFSET  and the second one is the number of records return from the database.
Getting Current page number
We will use $_GET array for getting the current page number. The default page number will be 1.

Formula for pagination

Getting the total number of pages

SQL Query for Pagination

Pagination Numbering

Here is the full code that we have written during this tutorial:

View Demo ————————————————————————-

Download Full Source Code (How to Create pagination using PHP and MySQLi)
Size: 22.6 KB
Version: V1.0
Pagination with next and previous button

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