How to send Mail Using PHP

In this tutorial I will explain how to send mail using PHP mail function.The mail() function allows you to send emails directly from a script.

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PHP Mail Function 

Parameters Description
to Required. Specifies the receiver / receivers of the email
subject Required. Specifies the subject of the email. Note: This parameter cannot contain any newline characters
message Required. Defines the message to be sent. Each line should be separated with a LF (n)not more than 70 characters.
headers Optional. Specifies additional headers like From Ccand Bcc.
parameters Optional. Specifies an additional parameter to the sendmail program (the one defined in the sendmail_path configuration setting).

First create a html form with three fileds

  • Email
  • Subject
  • Message


PHP CODE put this code top on the index.php page
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Download Source Code(Send mail using PHP Function)
Size: 26.6 KB
Version: V 1.0

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