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Assigning Values to Variables Assigning value to a variables in PHP is quite easy: use the equality(=) symbol, which also happens to be PHP’s assignment operator. This assigns the value on the right side of the equation to the variable on the left. To use a variable in a script, simply call it by name in an expression and PHP will replace it with its value when the script is executed. Here’s an example:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN”
<html xmlns=  xml:lang=”en” lang=”en”>
// assign value to variable
$name= ’Anuj’;
<h2> Welcome to<? Php echo $name; ?>’s Blog!</h2>
In this example, the variables $name is assigned the value ‘Simon’. The echo statement is then used to print the value of this variable to the Web page. You can also assign a variable the value of another variable, or the result of calculation. The following example demonstrates both these situations:
//assign value to variable
// assign value to another variable
$currentYear = $now;
//perform calculation
$lastYear = $currentYear-1;
//output: ‘2007 has ended. Welcome to 2008!’
echo “$lastYear has ended.  Welcome to $currentYear”;
Destroying Variables To destroy a variable, pass the variable to PHP’s aptly named unset() function, as in the following example:
//assign value to variable
$car = ‘Porsche’
//print variable value
//output: ‘Before unset(), my car is a Porsche’
Echo “Before unset(), my car is a $car”;
//destroy variable
//print variable vale
//this will generate an ‘undefined variable’ error
//output: ‘After unset(), my car is a’
echo “After unset(), my car is a $car;
Inspecting Variable Content PHP offers the var_dump() function, which accepts a variable and X-ray it for you. Here’s example:
//define variables
$name = ‘Fiona’;
$age = 28;
//display variable contents

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