User Registration With Email OTP Verification Using PHP


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In this tutorial, we will learn how users can registration with Email OTP Verification Using PHP. First user can register himself then verifiy account using OTO sent on his/her registered email id.

File Structure for the coding

  • config.php (Database connection file)
  • index.php (User Signup file)
  • verify-otp.php (Email OTP Verification file)
  • resend-otp.php (Used to resend the the otp)
  • login.php (User login file)
  • welcome.php (After login user will redirect to this page)
  • logout.php (For logout)
  • emailoptverification.sql (This file the contain the tblusers schema)

MySQL Table Structure for this tutorial. In this tutorial we will use tbluser MySQL table. Here is the schema of the table.

Database connection file config.php

First we will create a HTML Form for user registration/signup.

Now write PHP Code for user registration/signup. In this process, we will check the user email is registered with us or not. If not registered with us then we will create a random 6 digit Otp and send this OTP to the user email id.

Here is the full code that we have written for user registration/signup process (index.php)

After signup user will redirect to verify OTP page. Here user have to proveide OTP that is sent to his/her registered email id.If user will provide correct OTP then user registration/signup will complete. Here is the full code for email verification (verify-otp.php).

If user want to resend the email OTP then he/send can send the OTP again by clickin gin the resend OTP link. Here is the code for resend OTP (resend-otp.php).

After successfull OTP Verification user can login. Here is the code for login (login.php).

After successful login user will redirect to welcome.php. $_SESSION[‘ulogin’] will autheticate the page if there is invalid or blank session user will redirect to login page. Here is the code for welcome.php

Here is the code for logout (logout.php)

Download- Email OTP Verification Script
Size: 11.8 KB
Version: V 1.0

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