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Simply, the echo statement is used to output data. In most cases, anything output by echo ends up viewable in the browser. You could also have used the print()  function in place of the echo statement. Using echo or print() is a  matter of taste; when you look at other people’s scripts, you might see either use.
Whereas echo is a statement, print() is a function. A function is a command that performs an action, usually modified in some way by data provided for it. Data sent to a function is almost always placed in parentheses after the function
name. In this case, you could have sent the print() function a collection of characters or a string. Strings must always be enclosed in quotation marks, either single or double.

For example:

<?php print(“Hello Web!”); ?>

Difference Between Echo and Print

#Echo Print
Parametersecho can take more than one parameter when used without parentheses.The syntax is echo expression [ expression[ expression] ]. Note that echo ($arg1 $arg2) is invalid.Print only takes one parameter.
Return valueEcho does not return any value.Print always returns 1 (integer).
Syntaxecho ( string $arg1 [ string $arg2] )Int print ( string $arg )
What is it?In PHP echo is not a function but a language construct.In PHP print is not a really function but a language construct. However, it behaves like a function in that it returns a value.”

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