How to use multiple insert queries in PHP


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In this tutorial, we will learn how to use multiple insert queries in PHP. With mysqli_multi_query, we can create a bunch of insert statement and run them with a single submission.

In this tutorial, we used three MySQL Table. Structure of each table given below :

  • tblemployee
  • tbleducation
  • tblexperience

tblexperience Structure

tbleducation structure

tblexperience Structure

Now, We have to create an HTML form with three different part. One is for personal information, the second is for educational information and the third one is for professional information. We will save this information in the three different MySQL tables with a single submission.

HMTL FORM (index.php)

PHP Code for data insertion. Put this code at the top of the index.php page. In this example, we create the $sql variable and keep adding insert statements. Then run it.

Download Full Source Code (How to use MySQL multiple insert Queries in PHP)
Size: 3.73 KB
Version: V 1.0

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