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HTML Tags Tutorial- Headers Tag

Headers are used to organize information into hierarchical groupings.

<h1> Heading1</h1>

<h2> Heading2</h2>

<h3> Heading3</h3>

<h4> Heading4</h4>

<h5> Heading5</h5>

<h6> Heading6</h6>

Headers tags are block-level elements, meaning they take up an entire line by themselves, and no other markup is allowed in-side heading tags.


The DIV tag is one you can use to create a logical division within your document. DIVs work with css, and allow you to write CSS rules that specify how the text within the DIV should be formatted.

Images /Pictures

To add an image to your document , you use the “image” tag. To insert an image into your html document use the following syntax:

<img src="example.jpg" alt="Example">

The value that you put in the ‘src=’ attribute can either specify a graphic that is on the local file system, or you can specify a full URL which retrives the image from some-where else on the internet.


A link takes a user to another place when they click on it. The link can be to a specific part of the open document or to a new page entirely.

Takes the user to a new page.

<a href="">PHPGurukul</a>

Takes the user to diffrent place(as indicated by the tag <a id=”top”>) in the current page :

<a href="#top">Go to top</a>


There are two kinds of lists- ordered and unordered. An ordered list is numbered such as 1,2,3, while an unordered list is a list of bullet items. There are tags to start and stop the list, and tags for each item in the list.

An ordered list start with the <ol> tag. An unordered list start with the <ul>. tag. Each list item, regardless of list type, starts with <li> tag and ends with</li>.

Ordered list Ex:






  1. Coffee
  2. Milk

Unordered list Ex:






  • Coffee
  • Milk

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