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PHP Email Verification Script

In this tutorail I will explain how to verify a registered email id using PHP.

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This tutorial include following files

1.Registration file(index.php)

2.Email Verification file(email_verification.php)

3.Login file(login.php)

4. Welcome file(welcome.php)

5. Logout file(logout.php)

6.Database Connection(config.php)

Database include one table(userregistration)

Structure of userregistration table

User Registration form(index.php)

Php code for data insertion or sending verification mail. Put this code top of the index.php

Code for Email verification (email_verification.php). After clicking the verification link you will redirect to email_verification.php

After successful verification. You can Login (login.php)

login form

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Download Source Code (Email Verification Script)
Size: 33.5 KB
Version: V 1.2

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