Hit counter in PHP

First create a page hitcounter.txt save in the same directory  you will put your hit counter in. put the value in hitcounter.txt where you want to  start your hitcounter .

1.Set the variable to file hitcounter.txt. Set the number of visits to the current value of the contents of the hitcounter.txt file:

2. When the script is accessed as the page loads, it not only reads the current number of hits on the page in the hitcounter.txt, it must increase the value by 1 for the current hit to be recorded. Add 1 to your value of $hits and call it $hits

3. Open the file that is keeping count so we can write to it

4.Replace the value in the file with the new $hits number after it was incremented.

5.Close the txt file.

6.Set the code to display your hit number.

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Download Source Code(Hit counter in PHP)
Size: 596 Byte
Version: V 1.0

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