Complaint Management System in PHP


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Project Name Complaint Management System
Language Used PHP5.6, PHP7.x
Database MySQL 5.x
Web Browser Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE8, OPERA
Software XAMPP / Wamp / Mamp/ Lamp (anyone)

Modules of Complaint Management System

  • Admin
  • Users


  • Admin can create a category and also manage the category
  • Admin can create Subcategory and also manage the Subcategory
  • Admin can create state and also manage the state
  • Complaint Management Admin can update remark on complaints
  • Manage users
  • Admin can check user logs
  • Admin change password


  • User Registration
  • User forgot Password
  • After login user can lodge a complaint
  • Complaint History
  • Profile Management
  • Change Password
  • Dashboard

Project Demo —-
Free Version Demo         Pro Version Demo

 Free Vs Pro

FeaturesFree VersionPro Version
User Sign-up AvailableAvailable
User Sign-inAvailableAvailable
User Password RecoveryAvailableAvailable
User DashboardAvailableAvailable
User Profile SettingAvailableAvailable
User Lodge/Register ComplaintAvailableAvailable
Compliant HistoryAvailableAvailable
Admin LoginAvailableAvailable
Manage category / Subcategory /StateAvailableAvailable
Manage ComplaintAvailableAvailable
Admin DashboardNot AvailableAvailable
Create Sub-adminNot AvailableAvailable
Forward Complaint to Sub-adminNot AvailableAvailable
Report GenerationNot AvailableAvailable
Sub-admin ModuleNot AvailableAvailable
Admin / Sub-admin Password RecoveryNot AvailableAvailable
Project Report Available @ Rs 199/ $2.63Available
Buy Now @ Rs. 449/$6.61

How to run the Complaint Management System (CMS) Project

1. Download the zip file

2. Extract the file and copy cms folder

3.Paste inside root directory(for xampp xampp/htdocs, for wamp wamp/www, for lamp var/www/html)

4. Open PHPMyAdmin (http://localhost/phpmyadmin) 5

. Create a database with name cms

6. Import cms.sql file(given inside the zip package in SQL file folder)

7.Run the script http://localhost/cms (frontend)

8. For admin panel http://localhost/cms/admin (admin panel)

Credential for admin panel : Username: admin, Password: Test@123

Credential for user panel : Username: ,Password: Test@123

Download full source code(Complaint Management System)

Purchase Project Report of Free Version

Purchase Complaint Management System Project Report in Rs. 199 / $2.63

View Complaint Management System Pro version using PHP and MySQL

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  1. Bhavana says

    This project is very helpful for me while doing my mini project.can I get the cms and platform details

  2. Azwan says

    Hello Sir, I got an error “invalid username and password” for admin…but before this it’s still fine until I change “Lenght/Value” in phpmyadmin for “username” and “password”.Before this I notice that password for admin very long but now I saw the password become short in phpmyadmin after I made the change.Anything you could help sir?

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      Password is encrypted using MD5 Password is Test@123

  3. Zubair Ch says

    sir i want the pro version

  4. ashwini says

    sir,i have getting this message when i run both admin and user page…………”Failed to connect to MySQL: Unknown database ‘cms’ “……..

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      Create database cms then import cms.sql file

  5. vinoth says

    nice code…but i want to add sub admin for different category and the admin should forward particular category complaint to particular user to carry forward and he can revert back the status,,,

    could you help for this.

    thanks you

    1. Anuj Kumar says
  6. Nishchitha P says

    Thank u so much

  7. Chris says

    How do i add new admin

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      You can add directly add in the database.

  8. Praki says

    I cant add user accoounts!

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      Are you getting any error?


    SIR I FOLLOWED THE STEPS BUT IT COMES AS the url you have requested was not found on this server

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      Copy cms folder then past in htdocs


    Create database: Documentation
    No Privileges
    when i try to create a new database

  11. mahwish_ali says

    followed each and every instruction properly but again and again found same error

  12. mahwish_ali says

    it’s not working (The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the referring page seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of that page about the error.) please help me

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      Follow the instructions properly

  13. Sandhya Singh says

    How i can create separate admin for each category of complaints ,that is separate admin for category “x “complaints and separate admin for category “y” complaints

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      Generate report category wise

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