Learn How to Develop Object Oriented Programming Concepts in PHP


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Centered around the concept of manipulating objects by identification, also known as modeling, is what OOP is all about. The identification and relation of objects to each other is what the programmer attempts. This novel concept of programming is a lot different from logic based programming. Let us dive through the codes to get a better understanding of OOP and how the concepts can be used in PHP.

Classification of data

OOP defines classes of data and sub classes. This reduces the time required for development, in addition to helping in accurate coding. By virtue of the extensive analysis of the data, known as inheritance this characteristic of OOP sets it apart.

OOP prevents data corruption. As a result of the classification, the codes will never be able to access data that is unconnected. Known as data hiding, this typical characteristic of OOP lends it greater security.

OOP permits programmers to create or define new classes. This versatile feature allows programmers to create or define classes that have not been defined in the language. The ability to create new classes gives greater flexibility to programmers.

OOP concepts in PHP

The use of OOP concepts in PHP help in the development of better scripts. One of the greatest advantages is the fact that codes need only be defined once, but get to be used in many different places. This gives the concepts greater flexibility. The objects in a PHP OOP program are actually data combined with methods. OOP involves the creation of objects, which then proceed to communicate with each other through methods that involve the sending/receiving of messages and process of data. Some of the advantages of OOP in PHP are:

  • It helps to make the code more uncluttered and easily readable
  • It permits the inclusion of automated texts
  • It helps in creating a better structure for the code
  • It prevents the need for repetitive codes
  • It helps to create codes that can be extendable in the future

These advantages make it a good combination, since objects actually help save programmers from problems in the future.


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