Hospital Management System In PHP

Anuj Kumar

Hi! I am Anuj Kumar, a professional web developer with 5+ years of experience in this sector. I found PHPGurukul in September 2015. My keen interest in technology and sharing knowledge with others became the main reason for starting PHPGurukul. My basic aim is to offer all web development tutorials like PHP, PDO, jQuery, PHP oops, MySQL, etc. Apart from the tutorials, we also offer you PHP Projects, and we have around 100+ PHP Projects for you.

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37 Responses

  1. MuntahaZad says:

    You actually saved me in my final year, thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  2. Gotar says:

    All your work is amazing but can you make a website for Security guard management and deployment?

  3. MuntahaZad says:

    This is phenomenal! The UI is so pro it’s ridiculous that this is for free! Thanks a bunch!

  4. Prajakta Kale says:

    Sir, I have downloaded the project, created the database, followed the instructions, but the project is not logged in. Showing invalid username or password. sir plz help me

  5. Hippuraj Medhi says:

    Report me er diagram h ki nehi?

  6. raghavendra says:

    sir login id password of doctor

  7. sudheer says:

    i am very very
    thankful to you sir .your projects are very use full to us for learning and implement for new projects

  8. Sajjad Khan says:

    Dear Sir, I need project code on Hospital Management system.

  9. Nick says:

    Hey! thanks for the project. I just wanna know how can I fix the problem that if one patient have booked appointment at a particular time & date, then no other patient can book that doctor for that date & time

  10. Yash says:

    Sir, How to edit the Hospital Adress

  11. Hilal Ah says:

    Good evening sir!
    How can we edit the “Hospital Address” and “Homepage images” in the project.

  12. Muhammad Abid Mughal says:

    Sir admin ! how to Add patient ?

  13. Franky says:

    Is this open source good sir? Can I use this as a template for our thesis?

  14. Hammad says:

    Failed to connect to MySQL: Unknown database ‘hms’ how to solve this error?

  15. waqar says:

    Run the script http://localhost/hospital is giving me error

  16. Nkanu Nkanu Okpa says:

    Good day sir, trust you’re doing great. Please sir, I have done all that you instructed us to do, but is only admin table that is created after importing the hms.sql. Please, help sir. Because I have done it severally yet is still the admin table that is being created. No doctor and patient table. Thank you sir.

  17. Rogers says:

    You r Awesome bro!

  18. Awais Tahir says:

    Aoa sir need complete source code with database please .

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