Hospital Management System In PHP

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Project Name : Hospital Management System (Free Download)

Technology Implemented : Apache Server

Language Used                   :  PHP 5.62 (Developed in Core PHP)

Database                              :  My SQL

User Interface Design       :  HTML, AJAX,JQUERY,JAVASCRIPT

Web Browser                      :  Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE8,OPERA

Software                               :    XAMPP Server

Demo video

Hospital Management System Project Divided into three modules

  • Admin(super user)
  • Patients(Book and manage own  appointments )
  • Doctors

Installation Steps(Configuration)

1. Download and Unzip file on your local system.
2. Put this file inside root directory
3. Database Configuration

Open phpmyadmin

Create Database hms.
Import database hms.sql
Open Your browser put inside browser “http://localhost/hospital/”
Login Details
To Login as admin put inside browser “http://localhost/hospital”
Login Details for admin : admin/Test@12345
Login Details for Patient:
Login Details for Doctor:

Disclaimer : This project is not for Commercial use.

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  • saurabh sahu

    Hello i want the full sorce code … i am not able to access this
    kindly help me

  • Moses Shitote

    Hello, i have downloaded hms and configured correctly but now when i try to login to any account using the credentials given keeps getting invalid credentials…please assist. regrads

  • David Raj Kanthi

    Hello i want the full sorce code … i am not able to access the other pages other than the home page…!
    kindly help me

  • Kartik Bhatt

    Hello Sir, I have download the files and completed the all setup but when I open any login page its not functioning….Can you send me the the full code on Thanks in advance

  • Rahul

    hello dear sir
    i want to get your full code of hotel management system ……

    • Rahul

      can you send a full code in zipped file

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  • F Naiemah

    Hi sir. I have a problem when i’m trying to open localhost/hospital. I already do all the configuration and import the database. But not successful because it stated Object not found! Error 404. Where should i look to fix this problem? Thank you. 🙂

    • i already send solution on fb

      • Virat Sharma

        Kha pe sir.. same problem ho rhi hai

        • download the zip file and extract the zip file.After that copy shopping folder inside the package and paste in the root . then try

          • Virat Sharma

            Where in Root…? I can’t understand

          • htdocs in xampp and www in wamp

          • Virat Sharma

            I m Using Wampp but.. Database me sql Import kr rha hu to utfmb4 Aisa kuch error aa rha

          • Your db doesn’t support character set. Upgrade your db

          • Virat Sharma

            How to upgrade If u have link then send me..Either tell me What i need to Download

          • download from here —-

  • Ahmed Elgrouney

    please sir send me the source code with database configuration on this e-mail :

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  • pradeep

    sir database me doctors ki login details kyu nhi show ho rhi h

    • in screenshot error not clear.
      use xampp instead of wampp. Bcz project tested on xampp

  • Ahmed Nabigh

    Can you please send me the full source code and DB? mail

    Thanks in advance.

    • Mail sent.

      • Ahmed Nabigh

        Thanks alot, but i can’t put php code im my html page, can you tell me how to do that.

  • Ramesh Kumar S

    Sir i will pay and download the hospital management report.but in report relational tables are not there plz send me the relations tables.plz plz.i want that

  • Ramesh Kumar S

    In there er diagram in hms project report

  • Ramesh Kumar S

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    • Mail Sent. Code and db file available inside the zip file.

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