Hospital Management System In PHP

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Anuj Kumar

This is Anuj Kumar. I’m a professional web developer with 5+ years of experience. I write blogs in my free time. I love to learn new technologies and share them with others. I founded PHPGurukul in September 2015. The main aim of this website to provide PHP, CodeIgniter, MySQL, PHP Oops, and other web development tutorials.

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798 Responses

  1. raghavendra says:

    sir login id password of doctor

  2. sudheer says:

    i am very very
    thankful to you sir .your projects are very use full to us for learning and implement for new projects

  3. Sajjad Khan says:

    Dear Sir, I need project code on Hospital Management system.

  4. Abdullah says:

    is there apis available to fetch data

  5. Nick says:

    Hey! thanks for the project. I just wanna know how can I fix the problem that if one patient have booked appointment at a particular time & date, then no other patient can book that doctor for that date & time

  6. Yash says:

    Sir, How to edit the Hospital Adress

  7. Hilal Ah says:

    Good evening sir!
    How can we edit the “Hospital Address” and “Homepage images” in the project.

  8. Muhammad Abid Mughal says:

    Sir admin ! how to Add patient ?

  9. Franky says:

    Is this open source good sir? Can I use this as a template for our thesis?

  10. Hammad says:

    Failed to connect to MySQL: Unknown database ‘hms’ how to solve this error?

  11. waqar says:

    Run the script http://localhost/hospital is giving me error

  12. Nkanu Nkanu Okpa says:

    Good day sir, trust you’re doing great. Please sir, I have done all that you instructed us to do, but is only admin table that is created after importing the hms.sql. Please, help sir. Because I have done it severally yet is still the admin table that is being created. No doctor and patient table. Thank you sir.

  13. Rogers says:

    You r Awesome bro!

  14. I want update header logo , footer logo , footer address footer mobile No from a page admin can manage this.

  15. Shoaib says:

    Where to find the queries which are executed

  16. Yaa ya says:

    data not show out..

  17. sobnaz says:

    are thereany triggers used?
    if yes where to find them exactly?

  18. Hanee says:

    Patients user name and password
    Doctors User name and password
    And will it work with Xampp 5.6.3 version

  19. Swati says:

    Hlo sir Iam Swati and my project is orphanage management system. And I need code for front end ,so can plz provide the src code for this project sir?plz sir help me sir….

  20. aruna says:

    i am pg student my project name hospital management system with your project to me need some modules.and without dashboard please remove dash board .to me need modules purchase details,product detail,stock details, print create the project and upload .

  21. Sarmand says:

    good project but need some additional things like report and invoice we can add more thinks rooms and…… thank you for this nice project…..

  22. Maxy says:

    Good day,
    How to add new patient please?

  23. pranay says:

    sir, i need to know how to Import hms.sql file(given inside the zip package in SQL file folder). please help me how to import

  24. Pratima says:

    Sir, I need to know information on main.js and form-element.js files present in the assets/js directory that available in this HMS project. Do we have to download this library from the web or we have to code by ourselves?

  25. Pratima says:

    Sir, I want to know what is [assets, master, and vendor] folders in HMS project. Were they downloaded packages to support this project? If yes from where we can download.

  26. David says:

    Please may you give me the steps you followed and how you became perfect in PHP programming. I am a Ghanaian and I want to be like you

  27. roce says:

    Hello sir !! Thank you very much for your perfect project, except that I have a problem I can not add a patient after filling the form, it is not found in the database … I need your help

  28. Bhargob Boah says:

    I can’t add doctors. Please help me. It doesn’t show any errors, but it doesn’t add doctors. Please help.

  29. Heidi Hed says:

    Hello, seems Book Appointment for user doesn’t work no ?

  30. Anirudh Bhardwaj says:

    Hello Sir, i am a college student. i have to upload this project and present it on a website. But after uploading, it shows error “Failed to connect to MySQL: No such file or directory”. So what should i do now? Please help me..

    • Anuj Kumar says:

      Follow the instructions properly

      • Anirudh Bhardwaj says:

        Sir project is working fine on localhost through xampp. But on online server it is showing that error

        • cedrick says:

          Hi Anirudh,
          My name Cedrick, I can help if Anuj will allow me. Anyway, I’m assuming you must be using an online free host server, if that the case, they normally add extract characters to your database name, eg. if your database name is hms, the host server will change it to 245hms something like that. So check inside you config/ folder look for database.php make the correct changes, also go to config.php change the $config[‘base_url’] = ”; to your host server ip address or url

  31. Anirudh Bhardwaj says:

    Sir I am a college student. I have to upload this project and present it through a website. But after uploading to online database, it shows error “Failed to connect to MySQL: No such file or directory”. So what should i do now? Please Help me..

  32. hello sir i am lalita kanashe plz sir help me. final year ki student hu or me ek website bna rhi hu but mujhe kuchh samjh me ni aarha h sir pls help event management ki website bna rhi hu i dont know about it more information so i want to your help. plz sir i hope that you will help me

  33. Vibhu says:

    Patient module not login error

  34. Basheer says:

    Hlw brother Anuj, i wanted to use you project on school so i have been trying to decrypt the DOCTORS password inoder i could change a few things but it has not been successful. am asking for your help if you can please. THANKS.

  35. rizwan ansari says:

    can i get vehice service management project

  36. we can use it online server

  37. saqib says:

    need documentation for this project

    • Anuj Kumar says:

      Documentation is paid. You can purchase from here —

  38. Rasika says:

    sir could you please send me the Complete project to my mail.

  39. Revathi says:

    I need this project will you please send me to my mail I’d

  40. tonye says:

    Good day Sir, i need the database

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