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Basic PHP Programs

Basic PHP Programs
Written by Anuj kumar
[efstoggles class=”yourcustomclass”] [efstoggle active=”active” title=”Add two Numbers”] [/efstoggle] [efstoggle title=”Swap Two Numbers”] [/efstoggle] [efstoggle title=”Even odd Number Program”] [/efstoggle] [efstoggle title=”Print Table of any Number”] [/efstoggle] [efstoggle title=”Factorial of a Number”] [/efstoggle] [efstoggle title=”Armstrong Program Number in PHP”] [/efstoggle] [efstoggle title=”Prime Number Program”] [/efstoggle] [efstoggle title=”Fibonacci Series Program”] [/efstoggle] [efstoggle title=”Reverse Number Program”] [/efstoggle] [efstoggle title=”Reverse String Program”] [/efstoggle][/efstoggles]


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