JS Return Values

“return” can return a value to the caller.

function function-name (var arg) { return value }

To call a function, use "function-name (argument);"

function-name (argument);


<title>JavaScript Test</title>
<script language="javascript">
function add(num1,num2)

return num1+num2; // pass the result value to caller
alert("3 + 5 = " + add(3, 5)); // caller




“add( 3, 5)” means that it calls the function add (num1,num2){ }, and pass the argument “3,5” to var num1 and num2.

“return num1+num2” returns the result to caller “add(3,5)”, you can treat it as “add(3,5)= return num1+num2”, assigning the value to add(3,5).
Namely add (3,5) = 8.”alert(“3 + 5 = ” + add( 3, 5));” will show the result.

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