How to use mysql through cmd

We can use the mysql through cmd by following the simple commands

1.First open the cmd/terminal and go to the root directory by using this command :

cd /

2.Aftet root directroy  go inside  xampp/mysql/bin directory by using the following commands :

cd xampp // inside xampp directory
cd mysql //inside mysql directory
cd bin   // inside bin directory

3.Now access your mysql by mysql username and password :

mysql -u root -p // here root is the mysql user name.

When you run the above command you will get the screen given below

if your root user has any password then enter the password and if root has no password press enter. After this you will enter in the mysql

Now use the command   show databases;  you will get all databases

if you use a particular database use this command

use database_name;

after this you can perform select, insert,update,delete operation on the tables available in this database.
If you want to see all available table inside a database use this command :

show tables;

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