While you can run all MySQL statements in command-line, having a tool with Graphical User Interface (GUI) can speed up your development.
A GUI tool can be especially helpful when you want to view data and table information. Following are a few popular and free MySQL GUI tools.


  • A web application written in PHP.
  • Rich set of features.
  • Works in any OS with required PHP and MySQL setup.

SQL Buddy

  • A web application written in PHP.
  • Clean interface.
  • Painless installation (Just extract to the web folder).
  • Ability to log in via MySQL user accounts without creating user accounts for the tool.
  • Works in any OS with required PHP and MySQL setup.

MySQL Workbench

  • A Desktop application.
  • Rich set of features (Database Design, Server Administration).
  • Versions available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

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