Diffrence between ajax and jquery

AJAX and jQuery are two different technologies that are very useful in creating the web application in an
interactive way and in making the application look and work more effectively. The difference between AJAX
and jQuery are:

AJAX is a powerful tool that cannot use HTML since it is a simple tool and it can not reload the page after it is once loaded.JQuery is a lightweight language that focuses the
interaction in the HTML elements.
AJAX is a combination of several technologies such as CSS, HTML, DOM and many more. In combination with these technologies, AJAX provides new functionalities.JQuery cannot provide a new functionality by
combining with other technologies.
AJAX should be accessed in a proper procedure to retrieve data from the server.
JQuery can be accessed through the front-end therefore JQuery does not require an understanding of the complete procedure to set up a page.
Heavy usage of AJAX often leads to server overload due to more number of connections created.There is no chance for overload of server while
using JQuery since there is no such heavy usage in
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