Difference between SQL and MYSQL

Mysql and sql are the two leading database that support front end application. The Diffrence between sql and mysql are given below
Sno. MYSQL SQL Server
1 Mysql is Available for  free. Mysql is an open source. Sql Server is not open source payment has to be made fro use of sql server.
2 Mysql offers only updateable view Sql Server offfers indexed view which are much more powerful performance wise.
3 Mysql doesnot support XML.  Sql server supports XML.
4 User defined function are not supported in MySql.  User defined functions are  supported in Sql server.
5 Mysql provide only table level security. Sql server provide column level security.
6 Mysql doesnot for offer any security certification.  Sql server has C2 compliant certification.Database security verified by third party.
7 Earlier versions of Mysql doesnot support triggers. Only Mysql 5.0 supports triggers. Sql server provides trigger.
8 Cursor feature not available in MYsql. Cursor features available in Sql server.
9 Stored procedures and full join facility is not offered in Mysql. Stored procedures and full join facility offered in sql.
10 Import and export functions have very limited support in Mysql. Import and export functions have extensively support in Sql server.
11 Transaction support is very limited in Mysql. Transaction support is extensively and fully offered  in Sql Server.
12 Job scheduling and profiling are nor available in mysql. Job scheduling and profiling are available sql server.

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