PHPGurukul turns 4 years old

As a proud owner of PHPGurukul I would like to announce that we have cleared another big milestone in the history of our PHP Gurukul. On the 14th September 2019 our PHPGurukul shall complete 4th years of its establishment.  I would like to take this event to thank each and every one of you for being an important part of PHPGurukul.

Our PHPGurukul has uncountable achievements and accomplishments, especially from last year which proved to be exceptionally productive for our business. Some are Below:

  1. PHPGurukul getting 2.5K+ user per day and 7K+ page views
  2. Getting traffic more than 100 country
  3. 5K + FB likes,  1.4K Twitter followers,  6.5K+ YouTube Subscribers.
  4. PHPGurukul has been selected as one of the Top 40 PHP Blogson the web.

Only with the support of our excellent team, it has been able to arrive at this level. Every one of you plays an crucial role in the company. It is only because of your enthusiasm, support, and dedication that has brought us to this height PHPGurukul  shall ever remain grateful to the contributions of its team.

We are also thankful to our clients and customers who believe in us to help them provide immaculate services and products. Their requests, demands, and feedbacks have pushed us to go a long way and develop our business to make it so great. Our success story is incomplete without the support of our clients and customers. Not only have they helped us reach out to the world but they have also made us a part of their lives. 

We can’t thank you enough for your contributions to PHPGurukul . On this auspicious occasion, I gladly announce a 20% discount on products(Use Coupon HAPPYBDAY). Offer starts 14/09/2019and ends on 16/09/2019.

There are many more things that have occurred in the past 4 years, but in short, I just want to take a second of your time to say:
Thank you.
This is incredible ride which is not possible without you & the thousands of others who are connected with PHPGurukul.
Thanks for being with me…

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