PHPGurukul turns 3 years old

Today is a most special day for me because my PHPGurukul turns 3 years old.

It was on 14 Sept 2015 when I post my first blog which is How to Insert Data in Database using PHP OOPS Concept

It looks like yesterday since I launched PHP Gurukul. To briefly overview what has been achieved in the last 3 year.

  1. PHPGurukul getting 1K+ user per day and 5K+ page views
  2. Getting traffic more than 50 country
  3.  13K + FB likes,  1.4K Twitter followers,  5K+ YouTube Subscribers.
  4. PHPGurukul has been selected as one of the Top 40 PHP Blogs on the web.

There are many more things that have occurred in the past 3 years, but in short, I just want to take a second of your time to say:

Thank you.

This is incredible ride which is not possible without you & the thousands of others who are connected with PHPGurukul.

Thanks for being with me…

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Anuj kumar

I'm Anuj kumar a web developer with 4+ year experience .I write blogs in my free time. I love to learn new technologies and share with others. I founded PHPGurukul in September 2015. The main aim of this website to is provide php , jquery , mysql , phpoops and other web development tutorials. I am trying best effort to make PHPGurukul useful for every single moment spend on this website. If you think this website is useful to visit please share with your friend and buddies.

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