PHPGurukul turns 3 years old


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Today is the most special day for me because my PHPGurukul turns 3 years old.
It was on 14 Sept 2015 when I post my first blog which is How to Insert Data in Database using PHP OOPS Concept
It looks like yesterday since I launched PHP Gurukul. To briefly overview what has been achieved in the last 3 year.

  1. PHPGurukul getting 1K+ user per day and 5K+ page views
  2. Getting traffic more than 50 country
  3.  13K + FB likes,  1.4K Twitter followers,  5K+ YouTube Subscribers.
  4. PHPGurukul has been selected as one of the Top 40 PHP Blogs on the web.

There are many more things that have occurred in the past 3 years, but in short, I just want to take a second of your time to say:
Thank you.
This is incredible ride which is not possible without you & the thousands of others who are connected with PHPGurukul.
Thanks for being with me…

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