PHPGurukul Turn’s 6 Year’s Old

September 14, 2021, marks the 6th anniversary of PHPGurukul, one of the premier programming blog. I would like to take this event to thank each and every one of you for being an important part of PHPGurukul. We thank our customers and employees for their support. We have achieved this milestone through the dedication of our associates and the user-first culture that exists throughout the company.

This year we have achieved milestones such as

We have dedicated ourselves to 6 years of innovation and efficiency that provides our readers with the highest quality tutorials and educational materials. We have stayed strong even during the pandemic and now looking towards a bright future. On this special occasion, we thank our loyal users, partners, and employees who have believed in us and stayed throughout the journey. PHPGurukul steps into the next year with a renewed focus on innovation in new learning methods, quality education materials, and 24X7 support to students.

Thanks again for making this 6th year wonderful for each of us and looking forward to a new chapter in our journey.

On this auspicious occasion, I gladly announce a 10% discount on products(Use Coupon HAPPYBDAY6). The offer starts on 14/09/2021 and ends on 16/09/2021.

Thank you everyone to make this special 6 years for PHPGurukul and here’s to celebrating the next successful chapter together.

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