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How to delete multiple record in PHP 1

How to delete multiple records in PHP

MySQL Table Structure for this tutorial <?php include(‘dbconfig.php’); error_reporting(0); if (isset($_POST[“submit”])) { if (count($_POST[“ids”]) > 0 ) { // Imploding checkbox ids $all = implode(“,”, $_POST[“ids”]); $sql =mysqli_query($con,”DELETE FROM tblusers WHERE id in ($all)”);...

How to Salt & Hash a Password using Sha256 2

How to Salt & Hash a Password using Sha256

In last tutorial we learned password hashing in php. In this tutorial we will learn How to Salt & Hash a Password with Sha 256 in PHP. Syntax for Sha256 encryption $password=$_POST[‘password’]; $hasedpassword=hash(‘sha256’,$password); Signup  form...

password hashing in php 3

Password Hashing in PHP

Functions for hashing password password_hash() password_verify() password_hash() – Syntax: string password_hash(string $password , integer $algo [, array $options ] ) string $password – Password provide by user integer $algo –   Password algorithm constant(PASSWORD_DEFAULT and...