Free PHP Projects

# Project Name
1 User Registration & Login and User Management System With admin panel
2 Hostel Management System
3 Student Record System
4 Small CRM
5 Hospital Management System
6 Shopping Portal Using PHP and MySQL
7 Complaint Management system
8 Online Course Registration
9 Tourism Management System
10 Car Rental Project in PHP and Mysql
11 Blood Bank & Donor Management System
12 Online Library Management System
13 Student Result Management System
14 Employee Leaves Management System (ELMS)
15 News Portal Project in PHP and MySql
16 Contact form with mail function and Storing data in the database – Mini Project
17 Employee Record Management System in PHP and MySQL
18 Directory Management System using PHP and MySQL
19 Company Visitor Management System using PHP and MySQL
20 Daily Expense Tracker System Using PHP and MySQL
21 Vehicle Parking Management System Using PHP and MySQL
22 Apartment Visitors Management System using PHP and MySQL
23 Cyber Cafe Management System Using PHP & MySQL
24 Beauty Parlour Management System using PHP and MySQL
25 Teachers Record Management System Using PHP and MySQL
26 Client Management System using PHP & MySQL
27 Local Services Search Engine Management System Using PHP and MySQL
28 Dairy Farm Shop Management System Using PHP and MySQL
29 Park Ticketing Management System  using PHP and MySql
30 Online DJ Booking Management System Using PHP and MySQL
31 Online Birth Certificate System Using PHP and MySQL
32 Curfew e-Pass Management System Using PHP and MySQL
33 Online Marriage Registration System using PHP and MySQL
34 Zoo management System using PHP and MySQL
35 User Management System in PHP using Stored Procedure

CodeIgniter Projects List

# Project Name
1. User Management System in CodeIgniter
2. Daily Expense Tracker using CodeIgniter

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