College Admission Management System in PHP and MySQL


Project Name College Admission Management System
Language Used PHP5.6, PHP7.x
Database MySQL 5.x
Web Browser Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE8, OPERA
Software XAMPP / Wamp / Mamp/ Lamp (anyone)
Last Updated 20 May 2021

College Admission Management System

In this project, we used PHP and  MySQL database. It has two module

1.User Module

2.Admin Module.

User Module:

In this module, there are three Section

1.Dashboard: In this section, user can see the status of his application.

2.Admission Form: In this section, user can fill the form and check his / her application form is selected or rejected(which is done by admin).

3.Upload Docs: In this section, user can upload own document if his/ her selected by admin(rejected user cannot upload their document)

A user can also update his/ her profile, change the password and recover the password.

Admin Module

In this module, there are eight sections

  1. Dashboard: In this section, the admin can see all the detail in brief.
  2. Reg Users: In this section, the admin can view user detail, delete and update user detail.
  3. Admission Application: In this section, admin can view all application. Admin can view application and documents on the basis of status(pending application, approved an application and reject application). Admin also can approve the pending application. (Whenever the admin changes the status of the application user will get an email notification). Note: The email function will not work in localhost.
  4. Search Application: In this section, admin can search application on the basis of user name, email id, and contact number.
  5. Course: In this section, admin can manage courses(add, delete and update).
  6. Notice: In this section, admin can manage notice(add and update) and anybody see this notice on the website.
  7. Notification: In this section, admin gets the notification if any user applies for admission.

Admin can also update his profile, change the password and recover the password.

Some Output Screen of the project

Admin Dashboard
Admin Dashboard
User Signup

User Signup


Note: In this project MD5 encryption method used for password encryption.

How to run the College  Admission Management System  Project

1. Download the  zip file
2. Extract the file and copy cams folder
3.Paste inside root directory(for xampp, xampp/htdocs, for wamp, wamp/www, for lamp, var/www/Html)
4. Open PHPMyAdmin (http://localhost/phpmyadmin)
5. Create a database with name camsdb
6. Import camsdb.sql file(given inside the zip package in SQL file folder)
7.Run the script http://localhost/cams (frontend)
8. For admin panel http://localhost/cams/admin  (admin panel)
Credential for admin panel :
username: admin
Password: Test@123
Credential for user panel :
username: or 1234567890
Password: Test@123
View Demo—————————————–

Project Download Link

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  1. Rekha says

    This project is available now?
    How much ?

  2. Ruchitha says

    Will i get the full project source code and report after buying the online college admission system

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      Once payment successful you will get the download link immediately on your registered email id.

  3. Nitish Ghuse says

    php which version is used in this application

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      PHP 5.6 or above version.

  4. Valentine Kalu Ogbu says

    Please I need a Ponzi scheme source code

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      Not available.

  5. shwetha says

    is report also available along with the project?

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      Yes, you will get full source code and project report.

  6. Lu says

    Hy, do you have online radio streaming website?

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      Sorry, not available.

  7. kamal says

    I need College Fees collection system project
    available ????

    1. Anuj Kumar says

      Right now not available.

    2. kamal says

      Biometric-based (Fingerprint) project in PHP with MySQL available (any project example: biometric-based attendance system in PHP or any…).

      1. Anuj Kumar says

        Sorry, not available.

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